If you need to register a password please enter either the email address you used to pre-register for commencement or, if you did not have to pre-register, your school-issued email address (e.g. student@<yourschool>.edu) to register a new password.  If you do not have a school email address please enter the email address that your school has on file to contact you.

Once created, this new password will only be used in the MarchingOrder system. 

Email Address:

Once you click “Request Password”, please go and check your email account for a new email from MarchingOrder. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder if you are using a free email account (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc).

Open this email and click on the link provided. This verifies your identity and will bring you back to MarchingOrder where you will create a password for the first time.

If the link is not clickable, please cut and paste the entire link into your Internet browser and hit enter.

Click the following link to download a Microsoft Word document with Instructions:

MarchingOrder Registration Instructions (.doc)

  Please contact with any questions.
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